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Product overview Main features Specifications

Neuromuscular stimulation with electrode probe, accord with human body physiology is designed, using medical 304 stainless steel , medical ABS, medical material such as conductive silicone. Mainly used in the model for medical institutions to choose and apply electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor/rectum or electromyography biofeedback host systems, transmission for pelvic floor/rectal electromyography signal to host and transfer treatment stimulation treatment of pelvic floor electrical stimulation signal from the host/rectum, promote muscle contraction, accelerate the blood circulation, so as to achieve your pelvic floor muscles/rectum muscle function rehabilitation.

Scientific human physiology design, more practical.
The use of medical ABS, medical 304, medical conductive silicone material, safe and reliable
A variety of sizes for users to choose.
Output interface can be customized according to user requirements

The main parameters:

On resistance: < 0.5 Ω; Isolation resistance: > 10 m Ω;


ZKPP - A1, ZKPP - A2, ZKPP - A3, ZKPP - V1, ZKPP - V2, ZKRP - 1 (silica gel), ZKRP - 2 (silica gel)

Target market:  Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, anorectic rehabilitation and other related departments