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ZK-1000 TENStem ecoZK-1000 TENStem eco

ZK-1000 TENStem eco
Product Overview Main features Main technical parameters Indications

Using wireless Internet technology to combine the devices with smart phones, the maximum degree of upgrading equipment performance is convenient for users to use; parameters of large screen display, convenient for the elderly to use; built-in parameters self calibration function to ensure treatment effect.

Intelligent wireless Internet, can connect with the intelligent mobile phone, easy operation;
The 30 treatment plan and program sequence
The user program editing and storage function
Various output channels for customers to choose
The intelligent recognition of electrode and electro acupuncture treatment
The output of internal self calibration
The USB data interface, convenient data import and export
The wireless internet access, online upgrade system
The built-in rechargeable battery, portable design

User interface: 4 inch color display screen
Channel number: 1~4 channel optional
Pulse frequency: 0~1KHz adjustable;
Pulse width: 0~2000us adjustable;
Output intensity: 0~120mA electrode /0~60mA electro acupuncture (1K standard load)
Treatment time: 10~99min adjustable
Output waveform: symmetrical two-way rectangular wave, triangle wave, trapezoidal wave, sine wave, combined wave, etc.
Constant current and constant voltage mode - CC/CV
Electrode stimulation and electro acupuncture stimulation
Treatment options: 30 clinical programs
User defined procedures: 30 user defined procedures
Size specification (host):70*125*35mm;
Weight (host):0.3Kg
Power supply: 110~240V/50~60Hz;

Cervical spondylosis, soft tissue strain, intercostals neuralgia, sciatica, muscle spasm, muscle atrophy, functional headache, neurasthenia, facial nerve paralysis, flaccid constipation, rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis, function uterine bleeding


Applicable department:
Department of rehabilitation medicine, neurology, Department of orthopedics, Department of Sports Medicine

Note: a variety of massage procedures, can also be used for family health